Flat Roofing Repair in Calgary

Experience top-notch flat roofing repair services in Calgary with our skilled team. We specialize in addressing roofing issues promptly and efficiently, ensuring the longevity and durability of your flat roof. Trust us for reliable repairs that stand the test of time.

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Flat Roofing Repair Services in Calgary

Looking far and wide for some of the best flat roof repairs in Calgary? If you’re hunting for top-notch flat roofing repair, you’ve arrived at the right place. Here at Rapid Roofing Solutions, we are the de facto experts in both residential and commercial flat roofing systems. From roof repairs and roof replacements all the way to new roof installations, we’ve got you covered like a reliable and durable roof should!

Calgary flat roofing, while providing aesthetic appeal and efficient utilization of space, comes with its unique set of challenges. The flat design is prone to water pooling, leading to leakage and potential structural damage over time. On the flip side, these roofs are easier to inspect and repair, often leading to lower maintenance costs in the long run.

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Why Choose Us For Flat Roof Repairs?

Roofing exteriors are no laughing matter and require specialized skills and knowledge. If not attended to promptly, even minor roofing issues can escalate into major problems. That’s where we come in – our team of experienced and certified professionals is equipped with the expertise to handle any flat roof repair job in Calgary.

Roofing companies Calgary offering service for flat roof repairs.
We pride ourselves on using top-quality materials and employing the latest techniques to ensure a durable and long-lasting repair. Our commitment to customer satisfaction means we always prioritize your needs and budget when providing our services:


With many years of experience in the industry, we have perfected our skills and techniques in dealing with flat roof repair and maintenance in Calgary.

Quality Materials

We use only the highest-grade materials available in the market, ensuring the longevity and durability of our work.

Expert Team

Our team is comprised of well-trained, certified professionals who are capable of handling any flat roof challenge.

Customer Satisfaction

We prioritize the needs of our customers, ensuring that we meet and exceed their expectations in every project.

Competitive Pricing

Despite our premium quality services, our pricing remains competitive, ensuring you get the best value for your money.

Fast and Reliable

We understand the urgency that comes with roof repairs; our team strives to complete projects quickly without compromising on quality.
Repair flat roof is what we do best here at Rapid.

Our Experience & Expertise

With years of experience professional flat roof contractor under our belts, we have established ourselves as trusted flat roofers in Calgary. Our team is skilled in all aspects of both residential and commercial flat roof repair, from identifying the root cause of leaks to executing comprehensive repairs.
We’ve tackled an expansive range of projects, each with unique requirements and challenges, which has helped us refine our expertise and deliver results that exceed expectations.


Our customers’ satisfaction stands as a testament to our workmanship. Martin, a local business owner, gave us a 5-star rating, noting, “They were prompt, professional, and handled the repair of our commercial flat roof efficiently. The team went above and beyond to ensure minimal disruption to our operations.”

Another customer, Elena, also rated us with five stars and shared, “This team is exceptional! They identified and fixed a persistent roof leak that other flat roofers in Calgary couldn’t. Highly recommend!”

The trust and confidence our customers place in us inspire us to strive for excellence in every project. Whether you’re dealing with a minor leak or require extensive repair, you can count on our expertise to deliver a solution that meets your needs and budget.
Repair costs will always be kept at a bare minimum, depending on your preferences and circumstances.

Can a Flat Roof Be Repaired in Winter?

Yes, a flat roof can be repaired during winter. Contrary to popular belief, roof repairs aren’t limited to the warmer months. While the cold weather can present some challenges, professional roofers employ various techniques to ensure effective repairs even under such conditions. It’s crucial, however, to remember that safety takes precedence in such situations.
Icy or snow-covered roofs can be hazardous, and it’s essential to call in professionals equipped to handle these conditions. So, if you notice a leak or any other issue with your flat roof in winter, don’t wait until spring. Reach out to qualified flat roofers who can address the problem promptly and efficiently, minimizing further damage or potential interior water damage.
Fallen tree branch, small cracks, adhesive patches - we really do it all!

Cold Weather Flat Roof Repairs & Their Challenges

The key issue in winter is the presence of snow and ice, which can make the roof slippery and dangerous. Furthermore, colder temperatures can cause roofing materials to become brittle, increasing the risk of damage during the repair process. On the positive side, winter repairs can help prevent further deterioration of the roof, preventing potential leaks that could cause internal water damage. To overcome the challenges, roofers may use specialized tools and techniques, such as thermal imaging, to detect areas of heat loss, indicating where the repair is needed. They may also use heaters to warm up the roofing materials before application, thereby preventing them from becoming brittle. All these measures ensure that flat roof repairs can be carried out effectively and safely, even in the dead of winter.

What are common flat roofing problems?

Flat roofs are known for their durability and low maintenance requirements. However, like any other roofing system, they are not immune to problems. Some of the most common flat roofing issues include leaks, ponding water, blistering, and cracks. These flat roof leak problems can arise due to various factors, such as poor installation, lack of maintenance, or natural wear and tear over time.


This is one of the most common problems in flat roofs, often arising from poor installation or aging materials. Leaks can lead to substantial water damage inside the property if not addressed promptly.

Ponding Water

This issue is characterized by water that remains on the roof surface for more than 48 hours after rainfall. Ponding water can gradually erode the roofing material, leading to leaks and structural damage.


This refers to raised spots on the roof’s surface caused by air or moisture trapped under the roofing material. Over time, these blisters can rupture, leading to leaks and reducing the lifespan of the roof.


These can develop due to natural wear and tear, extreme weather conditions, or structural movements. Cracks can allow water to penetrate the roof, leading to leaks and potential structural damage.

DIY vs. Professional Repair

When faced with flat roof problems, the question often arises – Can you repair a flat roof by yourself? The answer depends on a variety of factors, including the extent of the damage, your skill level, and the specific type of flat roof leaking out.

DIY Flat Roof Repair

  • Cost-Effective: One of the most significant advantages of DIY solutions is cost-saving. If you possess the necessary tools and materials, you can potentially save on labor costs.
  • Flexible Timing: With DIY, you can perform repairs at your convenience, without having to stick to a professional’s schedule.
  • Quality of Work: Without professional training, there’s a risk that the repair may not be done correctly, leading to additional problems in the future.
  • Safety Risks: Working on a roof can be dangerous without the proper safety gear or training.

Professional Commercial Flat Roof Repair


  • Expertise: Professionals have the necessary training to correctly diagnose and repair roof problems, ensuring quality work.
  • Safety: Professionals adhere to safety protocols and have the right gear to perform the job safely.


  • Cost: Professional repair can be more expensive than DIY, primarily due to labor costs.
  • Scheduling: You might need to work around the contractor’s schedule, which could lead to delays.
In conclusion, while DIY can save you money, it often cannot match the expertise and safety assured by a professional repair. Therefore, for significant flat roof problems, especially in commercial buildings, professional repair is usually the recommended option.

How to Repair a Flat Roof

Whether you’re dealing with a commercial or residential flat roof, small repairs can often be accomplished on your own. Below is a guide on how to repair a flat roof.
Firstly, identify the problem area. Look for signs of damage such as splits, blisters, or raised seams. Pooled water or areas of wet insulation are also common problem areas.
Once the damaged area has been identified, clean it thoroughly. Use a broom or blower to remove any debris or loose gravel, ensuring the surface is smooth.
If you find a crack or split, use a sharp knife to cut a rectangle around the damaged area. Then, remove the cut section, exposing the entire roof and deck. Make sure to inspect the removed section to determine whether the damage has penetrated through the roof deck.
Apply a generous amount of roofing cement to the area and place a piece of roof patch fabric over the cement. Then, apply another layer of cement over the fabric, ensuring the patch is embedded thoroughly in the cement and the edges are sealed.
In case of blisters, cut them open, squeeze out any water, and allow the area to dry completely. Apply roofing cement to the deflated blister and press it down to ensure the cement fills the blister cavity. After that, cover the repaired blister with a piece of roof patch fabric and more roofing cement.
For raised seams and pitched roof, drive roofing nails into the seam every few inches, then cover the entire seam with roofing cement. Make sure the cement covers the tops of the nails.
Finally, give the repaired areas enough time to dry before conducting any further work on the roof. It’s best to avoid walking on the repaired area for at least 24 hours to ensure the cement has time to form a solid bond.
Remember, if the damage is extensive or you’re uncomfortable doing the repairs yourself, it’s always best to hire a professional. They have the necessary expertise and safety equipment to handle complex repairs safely and effectively.

Repairing Different Types of Flat Roofs

Flat roofs are notoriously prone to leaks and damage due to their lack of slope. If you’re wondering, “What is the best way to repair a leaking flat roof?”, read on.

Repairing a Flat Roof Membrane

How do you fix a flat roof membrane? It depends on the type of membrane – whether it’s EPDM (rubber), PVC, or TPO. Repair methods can vary, but here’s a general guide:

  1. Clean the area around the tear with a roofing cleaner to remove any dirt or debris.
  2. Apply primer to the clean area and let it dry completely.
  3. Cut a piece of membrane patch slightly larger than the damaged area.
  4. Apply the membrane adhesive to the patch and damaged area, then press the patch onto the tear.
  5. Use a seam roller to bond the patch to the existing membrane effectively. Ensure the patch is entirely free from wrinkles or bubbles.
  6. Finally, edge-seal the patch with a lap sealant for added security against leaks.

Fixing Leaks on a Flat Roof

Leaks are a common issue with most flat roofs too. Here’s a step-by-step guide to fix them:

  1. Firstly, you need to locate the leak. This can often be the most challenging part of the repair.
  2. Once found, remove any debris or water from around the leak.
  3. Cut a patch from roofing material that is slightly larger than the area of the leak.
  4. Apply roof cement to the underside of the patch and place it over the leak.
  5. Press the patch down, ensuring it’s fully adhered to the roof, and cover the patch edges with more roof cement.
While these methods can be effective for minor repairs multiple leaks, substantial damage or frequent leaks may indicate a need for professional assistance or potentially a full roof replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions about Flat Roof Repair

Q1: Can I repair my flat roof in cold weather?

Yes, flat roof repair can be done even in cold weather, although it may be more challenging. The adhesives used in the flat roof leak repair process may require higher temperatures to cure properly, so it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cold-weather installation.


Q2: How does cold weather affect flat roof repair?

Cold weather can make the materials used in flat roof repair more brittle, making them difficult to work with. Additionally, some adhesives may not adhere as effectively in colder temperatures. However, certain products are specifically designed to work in cold weather.


Q3: What can I do to protect my flat roof from winter damage?

Regular inspections and maintenance are crucial to protecting your flat roof from winter damage. Removing snow and ice promptly can also prevent leaks and structural damage.


Q4: Is there any specific consideration for flat roofing in Calgary?

Calgary’s climate can be harsh, with heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures in the winter alternating with hot summers. Flat roofs in Calgary should be constructed and maintained with these weather conditions in mind. Using materials designed to withstand extreme temperatures and hiring professionals experienced in Calgary’s climate can ensure a long-lasting and durable roof.


Q5: Where can I find a reputable flat roofing contractor in Calgary?

There are numerous reputable flat roofing contractors in Calgary. Ensure to check online reviews, ask for references, and confirm that they are licensed and insured before making your final decision.

The Importance of Timely and Professional Flat Roof Repair

The climatic conditions of Calgary demand special consideration when it comes to flat roof repair. Cold winters with heavy snowfall pose a unique challenge to the longevity and durability of a flat roof. Timely repair and regular maintenance are crucial to prevent leaks and structural damage.
Given the intricacies of flat roofing in Calgary, it is essential to choose a reputable contractor. Professionals experienced in Calgary’s climate and equipped with the right materials designed to withstand extreme temperatures can ensure a long-lasting and durable flat roof. In essence, investing in professional, prompt Calgary flat roof repair is a proactive measure to preserve the integrity of your building.
Professional roofer at your disposal.

How To Choose The Best Roofing Companies Calgary For Your Needs

When it comes to choosing the best roofing companies in Calgary, there are a few key factors to consider. First and foremost, make sure the company is licensed and insured. This not only protects you but also shows that they are a legitimate business with proper qualifications.
Next, check their experience and expertise in flat roofing specifically. Look for reviews and references from previous clients to get an idea of their work quality and customer satisfaction. It’s also important to ask about their warranty and maintenance services, as these are crucial for protecting your investment.
Lastly, compare quotes from multiple roofing companies to ensure you’re getting a fair price for the work being done. Keep in mind that the cheapest option may not always be the best, as quality materials and experienced labor come at a cost.
In addition to these considerations, it’s also essential to choose a company that offers prompt and reliable service. Harsh winter weather in Calgary can cause serious damage to an already compromised flat roof, so it’s crucial to have repairs done quickly by a professional team.

Alberta Allied Roofing Association

Representing the interests of roofing contractors, the Alberta Allied Roofing Association sets the benchmark for flat roofing in Calgary. Their members are vetted, insured, and adhere to a strict code of ethics, offering peace of mind when hiring a contractor.

Residential and Commercial Roofing Contractors

Whether it’s a home or business, the right roofing solutions are critical for structural integrity. Calgary’s unique climate requires the expertise of professionals well-versed in both residential and commercial roofing systems to implement durable and weather-resistant solutions.

Roof Replacements

There comes a time when repairs are no longer sufficient, and a full roof replacement is the best course of action. This section provides insights into when a flat roof replacement is necessary and how to proceed.

Roof Maintenance and Inspections

Regular inspections and maintenance are key to prolonging the lifespan of a roof, particularly in Calgary’s harsh climate. We always provide advice on what to look for during inspections and how to maintain your roof to avoid costly replacements.

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Epic reviews and epic roofing solutions by the king of roofing companies. Better than south peak roofing, hubbard roofing and payne roofing
Epic roofing solutions and Calgary roofing like no other.
Calgary roofing and impeccable roof work - the way it's always meant to be.
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