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Our Roofing Services

Rapid Roofing Solutions is a family owned business. We take pride in the hard work we do and enjoy getting to know our customers!


New Roof Installation

Installing a new roof is a major construction project, so it is important to hire a qualified contractor. Our technicians have the training and experience necessary to install a wide range of residential and commercial roofing systems.


Roof Replacement

Roofs in Alberta are under constant assault from wind, hail, rain, and the sun. Over time, roofing materials wear out and must eventually be replaced. We provide residential and commercial roof replacement with the best quality materials and precision installation.


Roof Repair

A problem with your roof can result in mold growth, structural damage, or damage to the interior of your home. When you want quality repairs done right the first time, you can count on Rapid Roofing Solutions.

Residential Roofing

Expert Roofing Solutios for Your Home or Business

Alberta experiences extreme weather conditions year-round, and the roofs of our homes and businesses are subject to direct exposure. Due to this, repairs, replacements, and inspections are necessary to offset and prevent any extensive damage caused by wind, rain, hail, or heat.

Commercial Roofing

We are equipped to handle all your commercial roofing installation and repair needs.

All roofing systems face challenges due to exposure to high temperatures and weather extremes. Hail, storms, high winds, and exposure to heat and sun take a toll on any roofing system. At Rapid Roofing Solutions, we offer commercial roofing services  to meet your needs with workmanship that exceeds all current building standards and codes.

Our Working Process









"Family drives the success of our business"

When you work with us, you can trust that our strong family bonds provide a foundation of support and stability. This stability and support are passed down to you, our valued customer, ensuring that you have complete confidence in us as we assist you in maintaining your home. Our family-based approach gives you peace of mind, knowing that you are in good hands.

Here’s What Our Client Say about Us​

I left you guys a positive review on Google. You guys have a good thing going. Great customer service. Keep up the good work. I know there will be times where you'd like to just through in the towel and give it all up, as I did lol. It can be too much at times. But companies like yourself is what makes people build confidence in roofer and contractors in general. As far as I am concerned, there is only one company to call to get your roof done in Calgary. Anyone I know will hear those exact words come from me. I'm really pleased with the service.
Craig Dixon
Had Austin and the crew come out and do a 10/12 shingling job for a Reno project and the process was great. they were on schedule, very detailed and made us feel comfortable with every step of the project. I am super impressed with the quality workmanship from Rapid Roofing Solutions and how easy it was to work with them. Look forward to more projects together.
Joshua Bauer
I have used Rapid Roofing Solutions on multiple occasions . I’ll say this much, they are what they say they are. Great price and Quality work that is hard to find nowadays. I have dealt with my fair share of sub par roofing company’s. First time I used Rapid Roofing Solutions, was the last time I had to worry about my job getting done right and on time. You can take my word for it or have fun dealing with the dime a dozen pop roofing up companies out there.
Sheldon Kneissa