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If you are looking for outstanding Calgary soffit repair, our team has you covered. We know that the soffit adds more value than just improving the outlook of a property, which is why we do not leave anything to chance.

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Soffit Repair Services in Calgary We Offer

Soffit repair should never be minimized because of its purpose on a property. The job requires experienced professionals capable of handling different preferences without causing damage to the rest of the property. That is what we offer at Rapid Roofing Solutions.

Our training and experience make us experts in soffit installations, maintenance, replacements, repairs, and roofing Calgary. We can work with various materials to preserve the integrity of a property and restore the soffits to their optimal condition. We handle each repair accordingly, whether replacing missing pieces or restoring damaged sections. With our customer service and skills, you can be sure of the best soffit repair in Calgary. We also handle installations and replacements of the following soffit types.

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When You Should Consider Soffit Repair in Calgary

There is no set time to replace or repair a soffit, but the need for improvement increases when the exterior property feature ceases to serve its primary function optimally. Contact our professionals when you notice signs of damage. We will assess and implement the best rectification plan.


Cracks and Breakage

Most people ignore small cracks only for them to expand, but that is not advisable. The tiniest cracks can widen and spread to other sections, costing more to repair eventually. Contact soffit repair experts as soon you notice cracked or broken pieces. A replacement may be necessary.


High Utility Bills

Soffits play a significant role in ventilation and air circulation in the property. Their inefficiency can cause a spike in energy bills, another reason you should consult experts when you notice such changes. We will check out other factors that can cause an increase in utility bills and sort them accordingly.


Excess Moisture

Soffits also prevent excess moisture penetration from the roof. Their inability to do so can cause moisture-related problems such as stains on the ceiling and mould growth. Other signs like wet beams are also indicators of dysfunctional soffits. An inspection can determine the extent of the problem and the ideal solution.


Interior Sweat

Sweating on the upper sections of the walls is one of the main signs of compromised soffits. The beads of water appear when ventilation is poor, increasing humidity levels, which results in condensation. Our experienced soffit repair crew will remedy the situation and make the features fully functional.

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What is Soffit?

Soffits are panels usually placed horizontally underneath the overhanging part of the roof. They are part of the architectural design connecting the top section of the wall or siding to the roof line, which makes them essential components of the building’s exterior.

Soffits work with other components like gutters and fascia to protect the home against weather elements and excess moisture. That is why they are usually common in residential and commercial properties. However, you can install them in porches and outdoor structures like sheds. Different soffit materials are available, including vinyl, wood, and aluminum – you can choose as per your style and design choice.


What are the Purposes of Soffit

Most people associate soffits with curb appeal, and rightfully so – they provide a seamless finish that makes the exterior appealing. However, soffits are not just cosmetic. They also add tremendous value by serving other purposes hence contributing to the structural integrity and comfort levels. The only way to experience those benefits is by keeping them in perfect condition. That is why we recommend swift and expert soffit repairs when they begin deteriorating. With proper care, the soffits can serve the following purposes:


Although soffits are great at preventing destruction by weather elements, they also shield the property from pest and insect infestation by blocking access to the rafters. Without the soffits, rafters would remain open and exposed to birds, rodents, and insects that find them suitable for nesting. The animals can cause more problems once they start living on the property, infiltrating the walls, chewing electrical cables, and eating stored food items.

Air Circulation

Soffit Calgary installation improves air circulation in the attic, an important factor given the weather and seasonal changes in the region. With proper ventilation, the upper levels of the building will be less susceptible to intense temperature changes – the attic and lofts will be more comfortable.

Air circulation in Calgary is essential throughout all seasons. Summer heat brings hot air that can be trapped in the upper rooms, making them uncomfortable. Poor ventilation means the hot air is trapped in those sections longer, causing sweating, mould, and mildew growth. The alternative is over-reliance on air conditioners, which increases utility bills.

Rainfall and wind in spring increase the chances of excess moisture accumulation under the eaves if the soffits are not functioning correctly. The water can infiltrate the interior, creating room for mould growth and other problems related to excess moisture.

Winter in Calgary also brings weather challenges that can be impossible to manage without an efficient soffit. Condensation from ice and snow can leave excess moisture on the rafters, resulting in mould growth and destruction of the structural beams. You could end up with health complications and compromised structural integrity. The property could eventually become unstable, compromising your safety.

Better Aesthetics

The area covered by soffits may be unattractive if left uncovered. The exposed beams may be vulnerable to damage, and the siding or exterior walls could have an unfished look. With the soffits, you get a polished and seamless finish that boosts the visual attraction.

We are available when you need soffit repair near me. We will give you an estimate for the job and prevent the gradual damages that can occur when the building lacks an efficient soffit.


Why Choose Us for Your Calgary Soffit Repair

We specialize in soffit repair, installation, and replacements, delivering high-quality results at the best rates. Our team is dedicated to meeting every client’s expectations through extraordinary service delivery that gives your property a facelift. We can handle any soffit material, whether wood or aluminum and have the right equipment to handle any job magnitude. You can count on us to help you select a suitable soffit material for your property according to your preferred style and colours. We customize our repairs to suit every situation and can help with maintenance to reduce wear and tear on the property. Whether you need replacements or repairs, our team has what it takes to do the job right.

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Our Soffit Repair Process

Soffit repair in Calgary can be effortless with the right company, and that is what we offer. Our process is unbeatable due to its simplicity and effectiveness.


Contact us with questions about soffit repair and installation, and we will explore how to boost the performance and appearance of the feature.


Once you express interest, we will conduct an in-home inspection to determine suitable exterior renovations. Inspections help us analyze the damage extent accurately.


Our team will propose a suitable repair method that can withstand the weather elements in Calgary. We also provide estimates depending on the scope and complexity of the job and your choice of material.


We strive to give you a stress-free experience and lasting solutions. We use high-quality materials and proven methods that will protect the property value.

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Thank you for fixing the roof.
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Great prices, great work! All around great to deal with!
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23:11 18 Jul 23
Quick response, explained with detail. Service was fast and well done.
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Good service
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05:06 29 Jun 23
I recently had my roof done and I am extremely satisfied with the results. The entire process was smooth and hassle-free. The team of professionals who worked on my roof demonstrated exceptional skill and expertise. They completed the job efficiently and to a high standard of quality. The materials used were top-notch, ensuring durability and longevity. The final outcome exceeded my expectations, providing both functionality and aesthetic appeal. I highly recommend their services to anyone in need of roof work.
Kris DentyKris Denty
15:01 27 Jun 23
I had gotten many quotes from different company's but Austin and his crew stood out from the rest with his quick responses and knowledge of his craft. I've used them on two properties now.Both times they made sure they kept everything tidy and left the area better then when they started. Would use again and recommend them for anyone looking to have repairs or full roofs done.A+
Terry MacfarlaneTerry Macfarlane
04:54 27 Jun 23
We had a damaged roof vent for our furnace that was leaking when we contacted Austin at Rapid Roofing Solutions. He gave us a good quote quickly and had a member of his company Dylan attend to our concerns. Dylan was very friendly, professional and conscientious. He had the repairs done quickly. He took the time to explain what had been done and other problems that he had found and corrected. He is a real asset to RRS! The cost to us was exactly what we had been quoted.Thank youTerry
04:04 19 Jun 23
Great customer service! I had a repair to do, Austin was able to look at it right away, showed me pictures of the problem and determined it was something he could fix while he was there. No inflating the problem or angling for a big repair bill. I really appreciated the honesty and the service - thank you Austin!
Braden KleinBraden Klein
15:52 08 Mar 23
Austin is incredibly professional and timely with his responses. He provided us with an excellent service that didn’t cause any disruption to our daily lives. He kept his work site pristine the entire time he was at our home.
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Epic reviews and epic roofing solutions by the king of roofing companies. Better than south peak roofing, hubbard roofing and payne roofing
Epic roofing solutions and Calgary roofing like no other.
Calgary roofing and impeccable roof work - the way it's always meant to be.
Calgary roofing done right. Epic roofing solutions a short phone call away.
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